Classis PNW Atonement Summit

June 15, 2018, First CRC, Mount Vernon, WA

On Friday, June 15, over fifty participants gathered at First CRC in Mount Vernon, WA to learn about the doctrine of the Atonement. The goal was to deepen our understanding of the theology of the atonement as well as consider ways in which to communicate the riches of this theology in our local ministry settings. The sessions were led by Dr. Ronald Feenstra, Academic Dean and Professor of Systematic and Philosophical Theology at Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, MI. Click below to access the two hand-out and on the icons to watch the video presentations.

Hand-out 1: Outline of Atonement Summit Content

Hand-out 2: Excerpt from Calvin's Institute, Book II, pages 504-507.


Session 1: Defining the Atonement

Session 2: The Atonement in the Larger Story of Scripture

Session 3: John Calvin and The Atonement

Session 4: Implications for Life and Ministry