Welcome to a Safe Place

Here you will find contact information for Classis PNW Safe Church Team, links to help and support, as well as training materials for local churches.

CRC Safe Church Ministries

Classis Pacific Northwest

Ed and Sherry Fakkema, Classis PNW Safe Church Coordinators

Contact Ed and Sherry to schedule a consultation for your church or to discuss or report instances of potential abuse.  

                ​                                         360-675-5588

​                                                         esfakkema@cablespeed.com


Safe Church Resources


Classis PNW Safe Church Commitment

Classis PNW is committed to maintaining a safe church environment in all our member churches. We have committed to four hours of annual training in abuse prevention for our lay leaders and eight hours of annual training for clergy.  The links below open helpful online resources for churches and individuals interested in abuse prevention and response.

Safe Church Task Force Report (2010)

Part of the Agenda for Synod 2010, this report contains a wealth of valuable information on keeping churches safe and providing pastoral care for victims of abuse. Click Here To Access

Safe Church Training Video

A 2015 training resource produced and used in the Tacoma Community Christian Reformed Church. Click Here To Access

Overture Report to Classis PNW (October 2018)

This report details recent work of Classis PNW toward a safe culture and contains  numerous helpful links. Click Here To Access

Safe Church Ministry: A Leader's Role

This is a 2014 resource from the Christian Reformed denomination and is a helpful overview of Safe Church ministries. Click Here To Access

Restorative Congregations

This 2014 report by the CRC denomination summarizes findings of a pilot project focused on becoming a restorative congregation. Click Here To Access

Burning Bridges

Video produced by The International Institute for Restorative Practices which illustrates the power of restorative practices.